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Against the Loveless World - Susan Abulhawa

Some book you just don’t want to put it down because it forges so much of reality into you. Such is the story of Nahr, a Palestine woman whose fate is wrenched in the political chaos of Israel-Palestine. Also I would certainly consider her as my favourite main character so far, such an …


I have started to hate instagram not because how influencers flex their life like they have it all. I can never understand how they can keep up with the fa├žade and I don’t want to get to it now. I hate it because at times it just makes me feel claustrophobic. I hate it how Instagram h…

Love Warriors - Glennon Doyle

Recently I have started ticking off list from Oprah Winfrey Book Club and this was one of my pick. I am often afraid to learn about authors that I come to admire but I love this lady Glennon Doyle who has been so authentic and unapologetic throughout her story. She has peeled all layers…

Birthday in Solitude

Every birthday I think of doing something new, yet end up doing nothing. It has perhaps become my birthday ritual to spend time with a couple of my friends.   I wanted to break this ritual this year.   I decided to clad myself in the apparels of solitude. The idea of the solo trip on …